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What do you need ? - Two computers !

If you own two computers with separate screens you can use ScreenRecycler. Even your laptop can be used as a second screen for your main machine.

There no such thing as enough screen real estate !

You like working with multiple documents and multiple applications? You hate when windows are  being hidden behind your current application ? ScreenRecycler is the right thing for you !

Use your old iMac as a second screen for your new iMac like on the picture above. Use your notebook as an additional screen when you place it beside your desktop Mac.



Mac OS X on Windows PCs ? - For sure !

You have a Windows laptop/PC and a Mac? Use ScreenRecycler to create a second display for your  Mac with it.

Why ?

Many Mac users have a second computer sitting right next to their main computer on their desk including a nice display. ScreenRecycler now enables you to use this spare computer as a second display for your Mac. You can even use an old Windows PC for that purpose.

Targeted to all users with two computers to extend screen real estate. It’s like a dual monitor setup without the need to buy an additional monitor.

Use any machine as an additional monitor for your Mac !


Use your other computer as an additional display for your Mac.

Recycle your old iMac, PowerBook or even Windows PC now.