Below is a link to download the latest version of ScreenRecycler. The software is fully functional for a trial period. In case you want to buy the software use the registration menu built into the application.

ScreenRecycler is currently not compatible with OSX 10.11 or later.

Download for MacOS X  10.10 10.9, 10.8, 10.7


For a Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9/10.8 MTLion/10.7 Lion) compatible version you can download the current beta version.

Be aware that, to see all virtual screen resolutions you need to hold down the option key when clicking the scaled button in SystemPreferences->Displays settings.

Known issues in the beta version:

  1. -Clamshell sleep only works when the ScreenRecycler display not running. This seems to be a feature of   to not sleep on clamshell close when external displays are connected. Normal sleep ( powerbutton then select sleep or cmd-ctrl-eject ) works fine.

Make sure to reinstall the driver when you start the lion version (not done by default).

If you have any problems with the kernel extension hold down the shift key when booting.

Beta versions do not update to newer beta versions, they will update to the next release however.

Download for older MacOS X 10.4 - 10.6


Known issues

Some applications test for a hardware accelerated graphics card and might not work correctly.

You can find  OLD VERSIONS


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