After downloading the following two steps are necessary:

First:        On your SCREENRECYCLERMAC ( the one that gets the additional display )

                Start and install the ScreenRecyclerDriver if asked for.

Second:    On your CLIENTCOMPUTER ( the one you will use as display )

                Start ( other VNC client programs work as well ).

ScreenRecycler and JollysFastVNC do support Bonjour - that’s how the two machines should find each other on the local network. If you have a firewall enabled on the ScreenRecycler machine, make sure that the port for ScreenRecycler is open.

You can see the whole process and how to set the right resolution in the video.

HELP / FAQ / Troubleshooting

Where can I find a VNC-client program ?

ScreenRecycler uses the open VNC protocol. You need a VNC client program on the CLIENTCOMPUTER. There are many free VNC client programs on the net, but be aware that the performance you see depends mostly on the client program you use and physical network speed. Most VNC Clients can’t cope with the amount of data sent by ScreenRecycler.

Clients that work are :

   JollysFastVNC          Mac OS X        (very fast)

   TightVNC               Windows/Linux   (usable with hextile, slow without hextile)

   VNC Navigator          Windows         (slow with hextile. Set VNC Navigator preferences

                                           to high color before connecting)

   krdc                   Linux           (usable on fast networks, disable hextile)


The screen looks blurry - wrong resolution

Open up SystemPreferences->Displays to change the resolution of the virtual display. If you don’t see the resolution you want to set, hold down that option-key while clicking on the ‘scaled’ button. That way you see all available resolutions.

It does not work or ScreenRecycler shows 'port already in use' error

If you are using the default port of ScreenRecycler (port 6900) then be sure that the firewall on both machines do not block that port. If the client can't connect, try using the ipaddress:port that ScreenRecycler shows in its panel (for people not using JollysFastVNC).

Are you using the same port-numbers on the SCREENRECYCLERMAC and CLIENTCOMPUTER ?

Make sure the two computers are able to establish a network connection to each other. You can use

/Applications/Utilites/Network for sending a ping to the remote machine to see if the computers can establish a connection to each other. You can also try a 'lsof -i |grep 6900' in to figure out if programs are already using that port.

It still does not work

Try using a different port (e.g. 7900) then. In some cases Bonjour does not announce the SCREENRECYCLERMAC to all network interfaces. Just type in the IP address of the SCREENRECYCLERMAC in JollysFastVNC then.

You are sure the client and the server can establish a connection to each other and still can't get the client to connect to the ScreenRecycler machine ? Please contact us to resolve the issue.

So where is my new display ?

Your Mac is awaiting a fast VNC client when ScreenRecycler is running. So get a decent VNC client and set it up to connect to your Mac. When you are using JollysFastVNC your SCREENRECYCLERMAC should show up in the list. When it connects you should see the new display in the System Preferences Displays pane on the SCREENRECYCLERMAC . Set the resolution of the client to the native resolution of the client. Some clients will get disconnected when you switch resolutions, so you may have to reconnect.

Remote display only shows a mirrored view of main display

On some Macs the hardware does not support screen-spanning and Mac OS X thinks your computer can't deal with the additional display. In this case the Screen Spanning Doctor might help you to first enable screen spanning on your hardware.

All colors are wrong !

Currently ScreenRecycler supports only the native color encoding to be fast. Future versions will handle this problem eventually, until then use the recommended VNC clients.

ScreenRecycler is dead slow !

Use Thousands instead of Millions of colors on your virtual screen. Select System Preferences/Display and switch the ScreenRecycler display to thousands of colors. If you have a gigabit or fast ethernet you should unset the compression in the preferences.

In most cases of slow performance the client is too slow or the network is not fast enough. On a PB 1.25 GHz it uses 0.7% cpu utilization when nothing on the screen changes. On a G5 sending out 30 Mbyte/second ( that's a full screen movie on the virtual screen ) via ScreenRecycler uses 16% of one CPU ( 2GHz ). ScreenRecycler is currently written assuming that the local network is fast.

How do I install the ScreenRecyclerDriver

Usually you will be asked if the driver has to be installed when starting ScreenRecycler. If you receive an update that contains a new, but compatible driver that has a few more resolutions you can use the Driver/ReInstall... menu item.

How do I uninstall ScreenRecycler ?

To uninstall the ScreenRecyclerDriver start ScreenRecycler and use the Driver/Uninstall... menu item.

To uninstall the ScreenRecycler application just remove it.

My machine crashes !

In the unlikely event that your computer has a kernel panic, do a "safe boot" (hold down the Shift key while booting) and use the uninstall package to remove the driver. Mail us for further investigation - as this should never happen.

Is ScreenRecycler free ?

No. You can try out the software for free for about 20 minutes on every connection. If you want to use it you can use the inbuilt purchase system or the  web-store ( volume discounts available ).

How can I buy ScreenRecycler ?

Just click on the 'License/buy...' menu or buy ScreenRecycler online.

What does activation/deactivation mean ?

ScreenRecycler allows you to use the program on multiple machines. To move ScreenRecycler from one machine to another deactivate the application on the first machine and activate ScreenRecycler on the second machine with your serial number. From then on, you can use ScreenRecycler on the second machine.

Do you have site licenses and/or volume discount ?

We do have both. For volume discount just click on the 'buy...' menu. If you would like to have a site license contact us.

What is VNC ?

VNC is a network protocol standard to support remote access to a framebuffer. More on that topic on Wikipedia.

Isn't VNC open source ?

VNC is a open protocol. ScreenRecycler uses the vnc protocol, but no open source code is used.

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